Meditation Monday: Why Not?

middle pillarYesterday I spent the afternoon in a circle of writers. Why not?

My friend Steve Lewis gathers his friends and writing group members for an annual summer day response to a prompt. This year it was, “Why Not?”

I could be a listener or write something too. Why not?

Why, not?

Oh, and it had to be exactly 87 words.

I wrote something I didn’t much like.  I chickened out  when the time came. But, I was inspired. And, they were nice people too. Why not now?

Premeditated Chatter in Exactly 87 Words

It’s too hot.                                                                                                                       It’s too cold.

It’s very dark,                                                                                                                        I’m too old.

I could just work, my emails ding.                                                                                  Don’t be jerk — think about other things.

I can’t sit still,                                                                                                                   my desk’s a mess,                                                                                                              my hair is dirty and I confess I don’t much want to meditate.                                      Besides, I just ate.                                                                                                           Aren’t I supposed to wait an hour or two?

My bed’s unmade,                                                                                                           My hair is dirty,                                                                                                                      Oh my God it’s now 9:30!                                                                                                     I can’t, there’s a deadline today…                                                                                    Why not count breaths anyway?

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The First Time Artful Insight Collage Saved My @–

I would never ask you to invest time or money in something I haven’t used myself and seen make a difference for lots of people. Still, cutting and pasting images to tap into intuition has got to sound a bit “woo-woo” to some you, so I thought I might tell you a story or two.

Story #1 How Artful Insight Collage Saved My @–

I was excited when the chancellor of my graduate school program (I was 56) asked me to speak at commencement. Then I panicked. All of the sudden, it seemed that I knew nothing about what I’d experienced in those two years. I had no idea what to write. When I say nothing came…literally, nada. The voice screaming, “You’re running out of time,” got louder and I got more stuck.

 Just days til graduation, I considered cancelling. That would have felt worse. Then it dawned on me to use the Accessing Inner Wisdom(c) technique created by Mona Constantini that I’d learned in that very program. Two hours later, paper scraps littering my floor, I had a collage that gave me clues. Clues! The next day, I wrote the speech in one sitting. I got great feedback about it. The school featured it in their marketing materials. And I had fun! Here is the speech.

TGI collage

In the years since, I’ve adapted the technique to my clients, incorporating bits from Focusing and brain-based strategies creating Artful Insight Collage.

Story #2  Jeanne’s Job Review Turnaround

Jeanne was preparing for her end of year job review. To say she wasn’t looking forward to it is understatement. Though a highly effective professional, Jeanne was struggling with questions about her strengths, accomplishments and vision for the next year. Her confidence was flagging.

 After a 2-hour Artful Insight collage session, Jeanne validated her strengths, found words for what she really does well, discovered and affirmed her work values, and got some new ideas too! She found the process more profound than she imagined. It was a relief from “all that trying to figure it out.”  

 “No one was more surprised that I was at the encouraging insights I got. I confess, I was rolling my eyes while I did it.”                                                                                 Susan T. 

 People have used Artful Insight Collage to help with anything from gaining clarity about a specific decision, to insight into a relationship.

There are many more stories of new insights and surprising discoveries, yours could be one of them.

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