If Bill Gates says so…

Brrrrrr. It’s freezing cold here with  lots of snow, school closing, and howling winds. Hello February.

Just because it’s dark and cold and the big gift giving holidays have passed,  you don’t have to stop giving or receiving gifts. February is really an excellent time to be extra friendly to yourself.

Start with a gift from you to you. How about permission to drop, “I should be able to do this alone?” If you don’t believe me, check out this 1.25 minute video of Bill Gates  telling you the very same thing 🙂


Then get a gift from me too:  Permission Granted: Move Into Change With Your Own Approval here.

And another one, this lovely poem…

All I live for is now
All I stand for is where and how
All I wish for are magic moments

As I sail through change
My resolve remains the same
What I chose are magic moments

Because ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are made for
The mind could stretch much further
But it seems that is not what our minds are trained for

We call for random order
You can’t control Mother nature’s daughter

Ships are safe in the harbour
But that is not what ships are built for

The witch hunter roams
The scary thing is that he’s not alone
He’s trying to down my magic moments

As we sail through change
Ride the wind of a silent rage
And sing laments of magic moments

– unknown

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Wednesday Words

take-action copy

Okay, so it can be hard to ask…but if we don’t ask, how will we know what’s possible? If we can’t see what’s possible, how will we know where to put our effort? If we don’t apply genuine effort, how will we thrive?

What’s the next thing for you?

Meditation Monday: Why Not?

middle pillarYesterday I spent the afternoon in a circle of writers. Why not?

My friend Steve Lewis gathers his friends and writing group members for an annual summer day response to a prompt. This year it was, “Why Not?”

I could be a listener or write something too. Why not?

Why, not?

Oh, and it had to be exactly 87 words.

I wrote something I didn’t much like.  I chickened out  when the time came. But, I was inspired. And, they were nice people too. Why not now?

Premeditated Chatter in Exactly 87 Words

It’s too hot.                                                                                                                       It’s too cold.

It’s very dark,                                                                                                                        I’m too old.

I could just work, my emails ding.                                                                                  Don’t be jerk — think about other things.

I can’t sit still,                                                                                                                   my desk’s a mess,                                                                                                              my hair is dirty and I confess I don’t much want to meditate.                                      Besides, I just ate.                                                                                                           Aren’t I supposed to wait an hour or two?

My bed’s unmade,                                                                                                           My hair is dirty,                                                                                                                      Oh my God it’s now 9:30!                                                                                                     I can’t, there’s a deadline today…                                                                                    Why not count breaths anyway?

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Wednesday Words

“Often we treat certain aspects of ourselves as junk, having no value. We try to throw parts of ourselves in the garbage. But a human being is an ecosystem, and everything in that system is of value to the whole.”

– Stephen Schwartz.

hole-in-heartAre you abandoning the parts you don’t like? At what cost? What if you could learn to include all of you?

You are always welcome to poke around at Move Into Change. If you’re ready,  let’s see if we can work together.

Wednesday Words

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Wednesday Words


lettinggoIt takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
— Alan Cohen

If this idea excites you (and scares you a bit, too) you may be ready for change.
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