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Coaches, or anyone who offers their expertise, can feel that in order to attract and maintain clients it’s necessary to appear near perfect.

Of course, no one wants to hire some one to help them who hasn’t gathered skills and reached a level of mastery with those skills, especially in the area that requires help (and money will be exchanged), but I’m banking on the fact that sharing vulnerability and seeing some of the tools in action are not only comforting, but could inspire some folks to try some of them out for themselves. And like it.

So, a goal of writing this blog is to offer a seat in the kitchen, so to speak; to watch the chef tasting, wielding the knife, dropping the chicken, adding, altering the recipe when she over salted or it just doesn’t taste right, and sometime overcooking the vegetables. In other words, me interacting with my practices, issues, obstacles and celebrations. And in Ask Judy, there’s some exploration, Judy-style, of questions//issues that come up for clients and readers.

Looking for life coaching or career clarification? Give me a call or email and we can see if we’re a fit. judy@moveintochange.comor 917.450.1524

About me:

I was a dancer.  I spent my childhood training and almost all of my 20s performing.  Few ballet dancers get into their 30s as a dancer.  Physical change, injury and, for me, emotional development began to shift my devotion to this “glamorous” life.

I was a dancer from the age of eight.  Now what?  I had a knack for teaching, it turns out, I had a passion for it.  I spent nine years at Sarah Lawrence College teaching ballet.  Good job, great school. After volunteering to give movement classes at the progressive school I found for my  kids,  it turned into a job. I became fascinated with the ways that moving and learning are connected. I created a  program for  pre-k to eighth grade. We had a 5:1 student/teacher ratio.

I really got to know these kids.  They came to me a 3 and I spoke at their graduations when they turned 13.  I loved helping with their personal growth. 10 years later, I gave up the movement program to take on a unique job for the kindergarten.  I was the teacher who worked with the children to develop their social and emotional growth—the part I loved! I got my bachelors degree (at 54). And then a Masters in Holistic Thinking.In the meantime, the school asked me to train new teachers and oversee the professional development of the entire faculty.

I was my own guide.  I learned to listen to myself.  And through all this change I discovered the “thing” that has animated all my choices: empowering others to move into change. And, I figured there must be a way to get there a lot quicker than I did. Coaching. I trained to become a certified coach. I delved deeply into Focusing and received certification.  I use over 100 useful tools gathered from my 20+ years of helping others get past the resistance and avoidance and move into change.  It’s my superpower. And if you’re still reading, you just might be one of my people.

Interested in coaching? Got questions?  Go to Move Into Change or email me at  judy@moveintochange.com or 917.450.1524

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3 thoughts on “Judy Garfinkel

  1. I like your “seat in the kitchen” approach. I am making a similar blog for job hunters and it is a very messy kitchen. I will go look at “Move into Change.”

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