Wednesday Words: Also true…

more or less

I’s pretty obvious that I love quotes. Sometimes a particular quote will be just what I need and at other times it’s hollow, holding no meaning for me Or, sometimes one thing is true, and another time just the opposite is true, or more accurately, also true.

Take the overused “less is more” quote. Japanese brush paintings, slowing down to pause, small tasty portions, keeping it simple sweetie, all speak to the satisfying elegance of less is more.

But it isn’t always so, because sometimes more  – Hieronymous Bosch paintings, the ocean, fractals and outer space – is  inspiring and exhilarating because of the promise of well, more.

There are gazillion and more (hee hee) examples of more equalling less. The dizzying amount of breakfast cereal, satellite TV channels, and Starbucks coffee options, requires us to use more brain energy than, say, 3 choices might, which means less bandwidth for important decisions. Need I mention that addition distractions in the form of beelps. blerps, tweets and pings, give us little time for clear sustained action or deep focused and creative thinking?

I have clients who don’t understand why they are feeling bereft despite getting raises, owning gobs of expensive clothing, going to massages, spin classes, and vacationing at increasingly exotic locales…it’s because, in these particular situations,  more does equal less. If we aren’t  Watering Ourselves, if we lack the will ” to show up for our real needs, it doesn’t matter how many people love us or how much external pampering buy – we’ve left a person who really matters (us) by the side of the road. And nothing, can make up for that.”

Though silver linings are real and the desert exists due to lack of water, less money to feed a hungry family isn’t more no matter how you cut it. No question about it, less is really less. And in our inner world, less confidence, low self-esteem, and lack of joy in life don’t add up to any type of more that I’d want.

So all of the above are are true… sometimes. It’s important not to get locked into one. When a quote rings true (note the lower-case “t”) for you, take some time to ask yourself what about it is meaningful right now. Ask yourself what is also true. Following these threads can lead to important insights into where in your life cultivating more or shifting to less will be moving you forward in the direction of the life you want.


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