Meditation Monday

middle pillar

Here’s the thing about me and Meditation, or meditating me. Well, actually other people too, because my friends (the ones who meditate) and my clients as well, seem to have many of the same thoughts and experiences:

  • I’d meditate more if I knew other people were doing it with me.
  •  I’d meditate more if I knew I could build up really slowly, which means I don’t want to go to a whole long class because I can barely sit for 5 minutes.


  •  I want Meditation to fit into my daily routine so traveling somewhere to meditate is out.
  •  I really wish it wasn’t called Meditation because the word totally intimidates me or,  makes me want to roll my eyes because pretty soon I’ll be running naked in the woods or leaving my family to eat bean sprouts in Thailand. Well, actually Thailand…
  •  I want to be able to ask questions or make observations with other “beginners” and I don’t want to feel stupid or bad because I didn’t sit one day, or I wiggled or worse, got up when I thought I wasn’t “supposed to.”
  • I don’t want to pay to be “taught” Meditation when I’m not sure what it is or if I really want to keep doing it.

Does any of this sound like you? Please leave a comment!     917.450.1524


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