Wednesday Words on a Saturday…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat in your life needs a “good-bye?”

Sometimes we hold on too long to something that needs a loving goodbye. We do this out of habit, out of fear, or simply because we haven’t notice just how much we’ve already moved on. Or, we don’t realize that a new beginning (the next growth) requires us to let go of something now. In other words, to enter the next room, moment, or phase, we must exit the one we’re in. Intentionally.

I  remember the first time I said “bon voyage” to a relationship, not because it was bad for me, or negative, but because it wasn’t the right thing for me right then. I was amazed this new way of looking at the world had grown up in me; that change could happen because it was about expansion not crisis, anger, or flight from struggle.  It felt odd, new, and grand.

So, today I’m making a list of those projects, ideas, patterns, and relationships that may need a fond farewell. Then I’m going to make another list of the stuff that feels stickier, that needs more attention from me before I’m ready to wave at it from the shore.

Who or what might you be sending off with champagne and streamers, and what can you let drift away?


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