Meditation Monday: 1,2,3

I got up from meditating and three poems popped out. 1,2,3 – just like that. This would be nothing to write about except that yesterday I would have said, “I never write poetry.” So much for that. Last week’s Wednesday Words must have joggled something. It’s pretty scary pushing “publish” on these. Be kind.


No longer green,                                                                                                               just one leaf,                                                                                                                       falling.                                                                                                                                  A blazing announcement                                                                                                    The End Is Near!

maple leafTwo

Me? I’m going down like a maple leaf.                                                                                No polite decline, no withering on the vine.                                                                     First pinky, then thumb, detach.                                                                                     Open-fisted every color exposed.                                                                                      Feast your eyes.


My dear, before I knew it you were letting go                                                             suddenly more beautiful because of it.                                                                            Then the breeze  took you.                                                                                                                               Does nothing last?     917.450.1524


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