Wednesday Words by Andrew Fazekas by Andrew Fazekas

Wise young woman, Carami Hilare  (check out her gorgeous singing here).  Her response to Voyager heading to the end of our solar system got me thinking about limitations. I started pondering the paradox that we spend our life learning  to take care of ourselves which requires acknowledging our limits AND, that we also must to free ourselves from those same limitations.

Check out the image above. Those edges, the ones that look so clean and clear, aren’t really. Scientists are saying that the edge of the solar system is quite thick and ragged – it can take years to travel through it. And, it seems that the edge has an edge; when we thought we were nearing it, there was more to it.

So it is with personal limits. Casting them off isn’t really one giant shrug (would that it were so), but more like a series of peelings. At each layer we take steps to keep ourselves safe and well as we question the next limit.  It’s more like knowing the edge isn’t really the edge, and patiently traveling through it, until we get to the edge of the edge, and then …who knows?

Have you looked lately at when you say “I can’t?” In what situations you say “I don’t?” Are those really your limit?


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