Meditation Monday: In the Mood?

middle pillarI got up and then sat. It was that simple.

Not always so.

Years (many) ago when I first began practicing yoga and  rarely meditated, I read that in order for meditation practice to take hold it was important to set up a routine, to practice at the same time every day, and to sit with a tall spine, all this  because yoga is a discipline.

Sounds right – only my whole being rebelled. I knew a thing or two about discipline. I was a ballet dancer. I knew about showing up even when you didn’t want to, and about willing to snuff out hunger and pain.  I wasn’t interested in that anymore. How was I going to do this new thing, without doing that old one?

I don’t know why, but I let my mood dictate when and how I practiced.  The circumstances in which I felt comfortable enough to even try to get quiet were limited. The air temperature, the amount of privacy, my clothes, and tension levels in my body and mind, all had to be comfortable enough for me to even try. It seemed the only way.

Yes, there was a nagging voice that questioned whether I was just being self-indulgent, but I continued anyhow, trusting that if I started honestly, I’d know when I was ready for the next step. Eventually, yoga  became a daily practice, then a longer daily practice, then I attempted an occasional 5 minute meditation until I felt it was time to get even more serious with 100 day 100 breaths.

Today, today, I didn’t have to be in the mood. I just meditated. Not because I had to, not by rote, not because I wanted to or didn’t want to, not because I promised you I would. Just because I did.

It may not work for you, but it might be worth a try. What happens if you work with the needs?

While the advice you’ll hear – like how to get a good meditation practice going –  is often “true” and good advice, no one – no one – can know your unique needs.

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