Meditation Monday:

middle pillarWhen the world quiets to the sounds of your own breathing, we all want the same things: comfort, love and a peaceful heart.                                              – Mitch Alborn

This is all I want from meditation right now, the chance to sit and listen to my own breath and see what happens. Though I said I’d play around with The Middle Pillar, which I have done, I keep craving the simplicity of counting breaths.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten was, start where you are, and in this case, for me, it means not getting ahead of myself (hey, a head, ahead, just saw that as I wrote it). It means re-remembering to  listen to the part of me that knows the value of sitting, counting, and Mindfulness. Not my “head,” I might add, but you knew that already.

I’ve quit pretending that I need to do anything else, for now. Just doing that, sitting everyday (even though I accomplished 100 Breaths 100 Days challenge, and there’s a voice telling me I have to something bigger, better and sexier so you’ll keep reading) is enough ’cause THAT”S WHERE I AM. Truly.Truthfully. Ahhhh…

*Reminder to self: expertise (a.k.a. mastery) doesn’t mean knowing everything or doing everything right already, it means having the Presence and skills to return to the truth more quickly and with more ease each time.

In case you’re curious about how the Middle Pillar Meditation has been going I’ll say this,

  • I struggled with it feeling unreal, like I was imagining instead of sensing the energy moving.
  • A friend and terrific multi-modality healer,  Ingrid Bacci,  suggested I need more practice articulating my spine and sensing into it, making the meditation physical/corporeal.
  • Started the above today.

What about you? What types of meditation are you doing? Have you tried Middle Pillar? You can find instructions here.

To learn more try Discover Meditation: A Practical Introduction to the Art of Meditation by Simon Court.

You might want to check out too. That’s where there’s info about life coaching and coaching with me. Go… and then go forth and tell your friends. Thanks.

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