Meditation Monday: What kind of fool am I?

middle pillarHere’s what’s been going through my mind and body while practicing Middle Pillar Meditation:

  • Am I doing it?
  • Is this what its “supposed” to be like?
  • Am I imagining this a.k.a. how do I know this is real?
  • Am I total fool for even thinking this is a thing worth trying?
  • How the hell am I going to write about this?

Funny isn’t it, these are the same thoughts I thought when I began 100 Breaths 100 Days.

Visualizing and sensing the balls of energy is hard enough so I’ve totally abandoned the colors. I notice that images form unbidden when I am focusing on the energy centers. This is kind of cool and I’m just letting that be. They’re different every time. If  I practice yoga first, I have a much better sense of the subtle “tube” through the center of my body. Lately, the connection between imaging and sensing is getting a bit stronger too, but man, that inner skeptic comes in to remind that I’m probably making it all up. She rolls her eyes. Even so, I continue on…

What about you? What types of meditation are you doing? Have you tried Middle Pillar? You can find instructions here.

To learn more try Discover Meditation: A Practical Introduction to the Art of Meditation by Simon Court.

You might want to check out too. That’s where there’s info about life coaching and coaching with me. Go… and then go forth and tell your friends. Thanks.

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