Meditation Monday: Two Important Things

middle pillar

Meditating during the last two weeks has been a challenge.  I was stressed, went into over-work mode, had a freak out, and came out the other side after getting slammed with a high fever and stomach bug.

There were days, many days, when I did none at all. There were days I sat and counted and days I only did Middle Pillar.

I found out two very important things. One, I find comfort in the counting breaths Mindfulness type of meditation. There’s more comfort in it than I knew, and when I emerged from the fever, sitting quietly was a tonic. Two, the Middle Pillar meditation is as different from counting breaths as apples are to, well, expresso.  I cannot replace one with the other.

That’s really three important things. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about this. Don’t know if I have time and the level of commitment to do both? I just know that I want the rock sitting on the floor of the ocean feeling I get counting breaths. And, I’m interested in practicing Middle Pillar too. We’ll see.

What about you? What are you doing? Have you tried Middle Pillar? If you want to know how, here it is:

Middle Pillar Meditation (done sitting in a chair or standing):

  1.  Visualize a slender beam of white light descending from above and forming a ball of brilliant white energy just above the top of your head.
  2. See the beam of light descend to the throat area as you exhale, and form a ball of lavender light as you inhale.
  3. See the beam of light descend to the area of the sternum as you exhale, and form a ball of yellow-golden light as you inhale.
  4. See the beam of light descend to the pelvis as you exhale, and form a ball of violet light as you inhale.
  5. As you exhale, see the light descend down both legs and form a ball of green light between the feet as you inhale.
  6. Imagine these five spheres of color you have created linked together by a shimmering shaft of white divine essence.
  7. Concentrating strongly on the green center at your feet, inhale deeply and bring the energy up through you to the top of your head. See this energy as pure white, washing out the colors of each sphere as it moves upwards.
  8. Pretend your are hollow.  Inhale and bring the energy up through you to the top of the head. Exhale and send it out the top of the head and see it spray like a fountain all around you. Do this 4 times, gathering the energy at your feet.
  9. Cross your arms across your chest right hand over left. Imagine you are sealed in a membrane or bubble of solid white light at least 3 feet thick. Remain this way as long as you like.

To learn more try Discover Meditation: A Practical Introduction to the Art of Meditation by Simon Court.

You might want to check out too. That’s where there’s info about life coaching and coaching with me. Go… and then go forth and tell your friends. Thanks.

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