Meditation Monday Day: Surprised and Intrigued

Well, would you look at this! Stuffed behind a row of handmade gifts from former students I found Discover Meditation: A Practical Introduction to the Art of Meditation by Simon Court. From the notes in the margins, I figure I must have bought it 19 years ago. The first chapter is all about counting breaths.  Now I know how that got planted in my brain.

Ever go back and read old pages of your diary? Not a good idea if you aren’t prepared to be embarrassed by the naivete of your younger self. I tried meditating 19 years ago. It didn’t go well. Or last long. All of it recorded in the words scribbled on the edges of pages 1-25.

Page 26, where I stopped reading then, Court describes three different meditation techniques for moving and balancing energy within the body, along with advice to practice each method for at least 10 days. The only caveat – never mix the different “ways.”

So, in the spirit of continued experimentation I’m going to try the “Middle Pillar” exercise for two weeks. It’s from the western spiritual tradition, Kaballah.

I’m surprised that I’m willing to do this, as any practice that has Jewish roots (my heritage) has been an automatic turn off. Still, I like the idea of interacting with this part of me that says “never” and reflexively rolls her eyes. What might I be “wrong” about?

middle pillar

I’m definitely NOT reading any specifics about what the Middle Pillar practice is supposed to do for me.

Stay tuned.

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