Meditation Monday Day #71: Hello, Goodbye

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I’ve read that the ancient yogis specifically designed Hatha Yoga (yoga poses) to prepare the physical body for the rigors of meditation. You may have heard this too. (Though, from the looks of some yoga classes, you’d be likely to wonder if the purpose of all those poses and breaths is to look like the Lululemon models.)

After a particularly satisfying yoga practice today, I noticed how much easier it is to slide into meditation. I’ve already slowed down, I’ve already been listening to by breath and been paying attention to sensations. Yoga provides a way to walk the bridge from outer to inner worlds. Yoga is the bridge and the walk.  And so my understanding of “preparing” the body for meditation takes on meaning – no, not meaning, new meaning.

Now I sit and as one breath leaves, I murmur good-bye. Good-bye?  Oh well, I go with it, saying hello as close as I can to moment I notice a breath coming in, and good-bye when I sense the last bit is gone. It’s all but impossible to discern the exact moment when out becomes in, and hello becomes good-bye. mobius-band_shutterstock_300And, I keep wandering away from it, unable to sustain full attention  for more than a few breaths at a time. Yet I keep on, aware that with each new hello life says yes – more – again – alive- forward- now…

 How’s it going for you?

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