Meditation Monday Day #64: Taking it for a Walk

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 3.43.18 PMSilence behind breaths all week. Sometimes forcing it, then having to back up, but mostly settling in with ease. Wow.

Saturday I decided to take it on the road. Walking along the soggy pavement lip of the winding roads around my house, it was weird listening inward while looking outward. Uphill made my breathing louder and I liked that. I was confused by the visuals, though. How to process what’s coming in without losing my attention on my breath? It seemed impossible. I even tried closing my eyes – that didn’t go well.

Soon I was noticing my breath filling out the area between my shoulder blades. My sense of my “back” morphed into awareness of all the space around me. Automatically, my eyes refocused at the horizon line, my head steadied on my neck and the world became simultaneously more vibrant and comforting.

I rounded the corner onto a new road and saw,

4665095894_7d23ae9ce7_z How’s it going for you?

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