Wednesday Words

Art is a step from what is obvious toward what is concealed.
– Kahil Gibran
Last Wednesday I wrote about changing our relationship to a problem by investigating the metaphor hidden within it. Today, we look at finding out more about the problem we’re having and what it has to offer us (besides frustration), by making a collage (for me, a most accessible form of visual art).
Engaging in creativity is a soul satisfying way to bypass the endless loop of  thoughts that are not helping us with a particular problem (whatever that may be). See below for instructions on how to use a collage to give you insight into whatever is stuck.
Inner More Collage – adapted from Mona Costantini
You’ll need:
1 hour or more of uninterrupted time
A work space
Magazines of all types
Scraps, Doodads
Pens, Markers, Crayons
Large paper, poster stock – brown paper bag could do too.
Glue stick
Wax paper (to use as a place to glue)
Cell phone or timer
Digital camera – optional
What to do:
  1. Get quiet and do some deep grounding breaths
  2. Identify an area, issue or problem in your life that could use some insight. Silently ask yourself to be playful and allow creativity to help you.
  3. Set your timer for 15 minutes.
  4. Go through the magazines and tear out anything that grabs your attention. Don’t plan what you pick and don’t question why you chose it, just keep moving.
  5. Stop when the timer goes off – really, do it.
  6. Set the timer again for 20 minutes.
  7. Ask yourself to hone the pile of images down to 12- 15 or less.
  8. When the timer goes off – stop.
  9. Arrange the images (without gluing) and add any other scraps, marks you’d like. Feel free to cut, reshape, tear, add onto images – anything that comes to you.
  10. OPTIONAL: If you have a digital camera, take a photo. Take photos as you take up each layer. I do this to help me remember which pieces were in which layer so I can glue in order.
  11. Glue.
  12. When complete, have a conversation with your collage by writing questions as if you weren’t the artist. E.G., Why did you put that red line there?
  13. Now for the cool part – answer each question by writing with your non-dominant hand.

I’d really love to know how this activity works for you. Were you amazed? Did something new appear? Nothing happen? I can’t wait to hear from you.

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