Meditation Monday Day #57: Shh, We’re Watching Bweaths

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 3.43.18 PM

A new thing showed up this week.


There I was dutifully watching my thoughts and counting, when behind my  soft snores I heard silence.Though I’ve experienced profound quiet as a real and palpable absence of sound from the external world, this was different.

It was there and not there. In me and not in me. More than in me? I’m not sure if spatial descriptors work at all here.

I felt a sense of dropping into it. My body gave. Relaxing and mysterious – how’s that for two words that rarely describe the same thing?

I like this quiet.

I got to thinking about silence and John Cage’s controversial 4’3” Listening to it made people uncomfortable and well…you decide.

Talk to me. How’s it going for you?

Have you noticed that it’s so much better when other people tackle a disciplined practice along with you?  It would be fantastic if you were doing it too. We can share stories – or not. You can just read, lurk about and observe – your call.

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2 thoughts on “Meditation Monday Day #57: Shh, We’re Watching Bweaths

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