Wednesday Words


the problem is

more with our

Relationship to

 the problem


                            the problem itself.       –Judy G.

smackdown_tug_of_war-e1280514048904Have you noticed this too? I get to relearn it when I’m stuck-every time.  Luckily, I know fun and effective ways to investigate the relationship and shift it.

Sometimes that’s enough, the problem dissolves; and other times, the problem shrinks and becomes much less big, hairy, and scary.

If you like words, here’s one way to begin:

  1. Make a list of all the ways this situation (problem) makes you feel, all the negatives – any and all thoughts, feelings and images.
  2. Ask yourself what all this reminds you of.  Is there a metaphor for this situation? (The metaphor will describe your current relationship with this problem.)
  3. Now list all the ways you’d like it to be – use lots of adjectives. What do you want this to be like, feel like, instead? What do you want more of? Do this in positive language – steer clear of “I don’t want it to…”
  4. Now ask yourself what this reminds you of? Is there an image that comes to mind? (This metaphor will be a new approach to the situation or a new way of relating to it.)

Don’t be afraid to be playful, wacky or kooky.  Much like a  joke can break tension in a fraught situation,  “silliness”  loosens and lightens a heavy problem allowing fresh new ideas to come in.

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