Meditation Monday Day #50: Halfway There By Going Backwards

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 3.43.18 PMYes, 50 is the halfway mark to 100. I’ve managed to keep at it, letting the commitment work on me, while I work on it. I’m proud of persevering. Are you? Butterfly kisses for me and for any of you who are doing this too.

Today though, I’m rushing my breaths in “to do” mode. Something in the acknowledgment of getting half way there has triggered something else. Suddenly meditating today is a job, no longer a choice. How quickly my relationship to it changes and my thoughts go free range.

You know that dream where you’re falling and right before you hit the ground you jolt yourself awake and realize you’ve been dreaming? I haven’t noticed my breathing in God knows how long, and now I know it.

50 more days to get where exactly? What’s important here, the outcome or the process? Who’s in charge and is this a version of Who are you listening to?

Since I seem to have forgotten myself, I do the thing I know to do when that happens. I go backwards, find something from the basics and get simple. In this case (and almost every case) this means something sensory. So I place my fingertips on the floor and lift each finger like I’m practicing the carpet piano with a breath for each note. This breath ballet takes me all the way to 100.

Talk to me. How’s it going for you?

Have you noticed that it’s so much better when other people tackle a disciplined practice along with you?  It would be fantastic if you were doing it too. We can share stories – or not. You can just read, lurk about and observe – your call.

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2 thoughts on “Meditation Monday Day #50: Halfway There By Going Backwards

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