Meditation Monday Day #43: Who Knew Meditation Was So Sneaky?

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 3.43.18 PMI’m 99.999 % sure that my reaction to losing my blue folder was a direct result of meditation practice. I am baffled and tickled that I found out that way. I had no idea how sneaky this practice is; working on me with my permission but beyond my knowledge. It’s like finding out that the money you’ve been putting in the bank has been secretly paying your mortgage while doubling in interest.

Several things happened that day that would not have happened months ago:

  • From the moment the folder left my hand to when I started picking up the pieces, it probably took 1 minute tops, but it I experienced it slowly. My breathing barely changed. Whoa. No panic?
  • I instantaneously let go of wanting it to be any other way, and this gave me the chance to choose what to do next. There was zero confusion.
  • Deciding to rescue what I could, not knowing if that was even possible, felt “right” and I didn’t question it. There was a distinct lack of chatter.
  • I could really see and acknowledge each person who helped me.

Ask me right now and I’ll confess that I still have no idea how to meditate. I’m tempted to tell you that I have been able to sense deep changes in me all along, it would make me look so wise, but I haven’t. All I know is that I continue to keep showing up because I made that commitment up there at the top of the post.

Sit, breathe, and count on.

Talk to me. How’s it going for you?

Have you noticed that it’s so much better when other people tackle a disciplined practice along with you?  It would be fantastic if you were doing it too. We can share stories – or not. You can just read, lurk about and observe – your call.

Want to ask a private question? email:

Photo credit:
  • photo detail from Breathing by Anne Lindberg at the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art

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5 thoughts on “Meditation Monday Day #43: Who Knew Meditation Was So Sneaky?

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