Meditation Monday: Day #1


100 Breaths for 100 Days, that’s the commitment.

If I’m going to stick with this meditation thing, it’s going to be important to stay in experimentation mode. The spirit of experimentation, containing qualities like curiosity, gentleness, non-judgement and detailed observation (and lots of notes) is what’s needed now. Because, already I can see myself getting tripped up by decisions; the kind of decisions I don’t really like, such as, Where will I meditate? When? What kind of meditation will I do?

I’ve read a bunch of “rules” for meditating. They say to pick a quiet spot (makes sense not to be easily interrupted), to meditate at the same time everyday preferably very early in the morning (not going to happen) and to pick a method and stick to it (hmm).

Right about now, I need a permission slip to not play by all the rules, and to trust that I can or at least will, at some point, discern which rules will support my practice and which will undermine this sweet little project of mine.

Decided: meditation in the bedroom, probably in the morning, with cushion. Sounds like a game of Clue. It is a game of Clue -looking for clues about my stuff and ways to practice interacting with it- meditation being one way.

Okay, phew, on to the menu of meditation choices. Below are a few you’ve probably heard of but don’t worry, I’m not going to describe them, you’ve got Google for that.

  • Mindfulness, Zazen, Metta, Heart Rhythm, Guided Visualization and Qigong Visualization.

I’m going with MIndfulness. I will observe my breaths and count them.  I sit and begin to breathe. I’m all over the place. I wonder if I’m breathing right. There’s a cacophony of body sensations and I lose count. I worry about getting through 100 breaths. It’s a struggle. Then I remember the one meditation class I took with my friend Theodore (hi, Theodore!) where we used finger-tip touch to keep count. Yes. This physical reminder helps. With thumb to fingertip at the completion of each breath I still lose count here and there, but I have a way to return.

Have you noticed that it’s so much better when other people tackle a disciplined practice along with you? There’s something even more  than support, encouragement, and empathy that happens between us, even online.  I’m perfectly willing to go solo on this, but it would be fantastic if you did it too. We can share stories – or not.  You can just read, lurk about and observe – your call.

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5 thoughts on “Meditation Monday: Day #1

  1. I just has a really like what you’re doing with this blog. As a life coach, I can testify to how helpful meditation is… But, yes, you definitely have to fit it into your own life and make your own routine… I think you expressed that very well.

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