Yes, That Was Me

Yes, that was me skipping.

If you were in Manhattan somewhere near 77th street on the east side you might have seen me (red cowboy boots, black coat and hat) step-hopping like a six year old.

Smiling too. Really, how can you skip down the street without a goofy grin?

Someday I may reach the level of freedom where I can skip for absolutely no reason at all, however today, I had reasons:

(in no specific order)

  • It’s fun to be me.
  • I spent the day working with uncommon, courageous,  and clever people – my clients.
  • The sun is shining.
  • A man sitting on the corner liked my boots.
  • A Buddhist monk, bowed to me, put a bracelet on my wrist and wished me peace.
  • I get to help people identify what is essential in themselves and give them tools they did not have before (or had but didn’t know how to use) to make that gift their compass.

And, I made my train.

If you’re the type of person who can skip in public, will you share, here, those things that inspire your skippy self?

If you aren’t into that kind of thing, what makes your heart (if not your body) leap for joy?


4 thoughts on “Yes, That Was Me

    • Hi Jasmine,

      I love it – a good skip at the mall – sounds like a prescription for fun. Bought the boots when I made some important changes in my life, one of them being starting my coaching practice, they’re special in that way. Comfortable too.

      • Boots for skippin. ON the list! It’s wonderful you started a coaching practice. How amazingly brave of you to step out and answer your calling. Congrats! Love the blog by the way!

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