The Power of We: On and Off the Seesaw

Did it ever happen to you that you tell someone about an experience you had (maybe even one you had as a child) hoping they’ll understand something about it and you, and instead they look at you blankly? I’m about to risk that again in this post. Here goes.

We had a seesaw in our backyard. Part of our swing set, our seesaw was  large, metal, extra sturdy, just like the ones at the public park.

I had a love-hate relationship with that seesaw.

I loved the exhilaration of pushing off and waiting for the bump bump  at the top when the other kid touched down abruptly.

I hated coming down from that bump at the top, though. It hurt. And, there was always the real possibility of falling off – backward.

Sometimes, a friend would reach the bottom then jump off so quickly that I’d come crashing down. I can still feel the jaw jamming jolt up my spine. Some friend.

Most of the time, though, it was the usual your turn up, then my turn up, my turn down, then your turn down, which had it’s own repetitive pleasure.

Once  in awhile, there was magic.

My partner and I would hover almost level, attention heightened, sensing an almost imperceptible but real give and take.  Then, a Nano-second of stillness, enough time for grins to spread across our faces.

After, we’d try to return to seesawing as usual but it wasn’t long before we abandoned it for slide or swings.

When deciding what to write for this Blog Action Day post, the theme of which is, “The Power Of We,” I wanted to tell you about Gene Gendlin, founder of Focusing.

I wanted to tell you about his extraordinary years of work teaching people about turning inward to access bodily wisdom; a skill, he identified, that we all possess naturally, and can cultivate without needing a degree or an outside authority.

This Focusing thing is really the name for a specific kind of listening that is possible inside each of us and best accomplished in the presence of  another listener.

While most of us seesaw between the, your turn then my turn kind of relating, Focusing is all about that moment when listening into our own body, we hover, responding to the other, and connect.

The power of listening through Focusing, has transformed the lives of people all over the world. Brought  into more intimate relationship with ourselves, we connect to what is important in us and in the other.**

If cultivating a bigger stronger listening presence for you and your children interests you, click the photo.

** Focusing is used in fields from science, psychotherapy, teaching and sports to coaching and conflict resolution reaching countries all over the world.


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