A Super-Sized Yoga Practice

What? Ew. Isn’t the whole super-size thing kind of non-Yoga like? Yes, and I got your attention, didn’t I? heh,heh

What I really want to tell you is that my Yoga mat has dents. Not really dents, more like permanent impressions where my hands and feet lean into the mat the most.

Time for a new one, I guess. Or maybe not. I like what those dents represent.

About ten years ago, I decided to make time for myself through doing yoga more often than once in a while.  After trying and failing to wake up early every morning for a “full” series, I made a plan to take 5 minutes each day before work.

My ego had a field day with this plan, “What, an ex-dancer and all you’ll do is 5 minutes – that’s one pose or two at the most! (said with Jewish grandmother’s accent)”

Inner critics weighed in with, ”You call that commitment?” And this, ”Shouldn’t you be able to get up really early and do a full 30 minutes at least, what’s wrong with you?” And this one too, ”One measly pose isn’t going to do anything for you.”

It’s that last one that gets me going today.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some version of,“Why bother, it’s too small to make a difference,”  from myself, from my family, friends and clients. Weird too, that we accept this so easily from our selves and each other.

This relates of course to practicing being you, and to practicing in general (I secretly really wanted to tell you about this).

It bears repeating that our culture doesn’t exactly encourage us to practice at being authentic. We are consistently exposed to overstatement and exaggeration. Change is SWEEPING, products work FASTER, we like BIGGER, BOLDER, and OVERNIGHT. Even when it comes to personal growth (a.k.a practice being you) we think in terms of epiphanies and heightened transformational experiences. We want it big, obvious and intense – NOW. I guess I wanted a super-sized yoga practice.

The trouble with  dismissing our efforts is that it keeps us from committing to repetition, a huge part of practice, practice being an essential ingredient for change. And even when we do, if we fail to recognize the miniscule indicators of success we simply stop practicing. That’s just tragic.

So in looking at my purple mat with four worn spots, I reminded of each day’s effort and wonder how each of you do with this practicing thing.

If you have something to say about  practice being you, practice that leads to change, or want share something about what keeps you from practicing something important to you, that would be great. Or, just hang out, poke around here, or the website Move Into Change.You’re welcome anytime.

For Comment-makers: Reading your comments is something I look forward to. And, it’s important to me that all of us (readers, browsers, comment-makers, and me) feel safe and secure. I ask that each of us be responsible for managing the energy that we bring here. We’re friendly and kind on this site. Just so you know.


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