Colonel Mustard, Parlor, Candlestick

I spend much of my life looking for clues.

Clues to what other people are thinking. Clues to what would be the right thing to do or say. Clues to what I really want out of life, or this moment.

During my teaching years I came across the work of Rachel Kessler. Rachel’s gift was her ability to see how the big questions in life begin early – earlier than most people think. Questions like:

Why am I the way I am?
Who really cares about me?
How do I fit into the world?
What’s a real friend?
How will I take care of myself?
What’s an adult anyway?
Am I capable of doing good in the world?

She recognized how vital our big questions are to our growth. And, she championed talking about these big questions in schools as part of curriculum. Rachel brilliantly called her curriculum The Mysteries.

Rachel reasoned that children don’t leave the parts of themselves that crave meaning zipped up in their backpacks until they get home.

But many of us tried just that and have shelved the questions for soooo long they  are almost forgotten.

But maybe not. Perhaps you’re ready to dust them off and look at them again. We can gather clues together.

I’m interested in what gives your life meaning? What are your mysteries?

How do you go about gathering clues?

For Comment-makers:
Reading your comments is something I look forward to. And, it’s important to me that all of us (readers, browsers, comment-makers, and me) feel profoundly safe and secure. I ask that each of us be responsible for managing the energy that we bring here. We’re friendly and kind on this site. Just so you know.

2 thoughts on “Colonel Mustard, Parlor, Candlestick

  1. I am used to being in my own skin, reacting to the world as I see it. It is a surprise to me that others do not ask those questions you pose, yet they are the questions that frame my daily life. Am I unusually reflective or is the world incredibly unreflective? I am not sure.

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