2 Days at 25

Here’s what I’ve noticed since I stopped speeding (besides that it takes longer to go anywhere).

  •  I want to speed when I’m bored, anxious and late (see anxious).
  • It’s incredibly easy to stop paying attention to my body when driving.
  • I want whole sections of my trip to disappear especially the local bits.
  • I’m uncomfortable being that lady who is driving the limit. You know, the one with the line of cars behind her.
  • This reminds me of when I stopped smoking. Issues reveal themselves when their cover is blown. Issues like caring about what other people think of me. People I don’t even know. People in other cars!
  • I don’t like limits. Speed or otherwise.
  • It’s a practice: noticing, pulling myself into the present when I want to check out by speeding through it.
  • Would I have noticed any of this without Officer Kelly?

I’d love to hear from you about unexpected gurus or patterns that burst out of the shadows. Surprise! Or, you could notice how a limit helped you find out something about yourself. Or not.

For Comment-makers:

Reading your comments is something I look forward to. And, it’s important to me that all of us (readers, browsers, comment-makers, and me) feel profoundly safe and secure. I ask that each of us be responsible for managing the energy that we bring here. We’re friendly and kind on this site. Just so you know.


One thought on “2 Days at 25

  1. LAUGH OUT LOUD. Mark and I got a second car. It is bigger and therefore slower, but also a Subaru, which just doesn’t have the zip, or the want-to-zip, like the Audi. It naturally helped me slow down and I now love driving like this! I notice more around me and feel less tense. This new driving style transfers with me when I drive the zippy car too. It feels good. Funny, now I totally believe in all those Subaru commercials with the happy, earthy people and their animals living free spiritedly!

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