There are many ways to move into change.
One choice (not the only one, of course) is to LEAP.

When I say this most people think about risk. We imagine a chasm between cliffs or a steep drop over water. We see a person mid-air, arms and legs outstretched. Although the freedom looks enticing, it seems like something “other people” do. The one’s that aren’t afraid. 


What most don’t realize is that leaping requires one foot firmly planted on the ground. We forget about the accelerating steps that build momentum until the moment we are ready to plant that foot and let it fly. 

While part of making change is getting comfortable with knowing that we will change (the scary part), it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be on your timetable and your decision just how high, how far and when you jump. 

That’s why I started Move Into Change, to help you find your way.



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